"Neptune" and burning and tease Wen Ziren shot speed and surprise are all


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Original title: "Neptune" massed undersea wonders + seafood wars, and burning and funny stories of Heroes

Jason Moamar played the "Sea King", the hero of the history of unruly men.

Has released 20 days or 30 days of "nobody" and "poison" still didn't make a single day at the box office champion and runner up position, you can know now the shadow of the city need "new blood" level. Tomorrow for the release of "Sea King", by many industry insiders as can let the shadow rapid heating film. The day before yesterday, the film was held in Guangzhou IMAX 3D version in advance viewing. The audience is generally believed that the marvel superhero movie go cheerful humor route, while the DC comics superhero movie goes dark even deep route. So at present the most popular DC in the mainland "Justice League", the box office is also less than 700 million yuan, far more than entertainment Marvel movie audience narrow. However, "" Neptune should allow more viewers to see the flash point DC super movie english.

This film directed by "speed and passion" director Wen Ziren's 7 film, in the absence of the main tone change DC "Diablo", by Frank pace and even war, coupled with Jason Moamar as the "Sea King" Arthur and Amber Heard to play the MAE La scenes full of spark, "Neptune" will be a a "big customers". The audience that the horror style this movie just like super English version of the "Afanda" and "speed and passion" and the best seed mix temperature, is enough to see.

Neptune and the undersea world life story

"Neptune" lasts for more than 2 hours, but about Neptune's growth, huge underwater world of Atlantis preexistence and now the entire undersea world in several countries political wrangling, if Wen Ziren is not so good at telling stories of the director to the surgeon, estimated this is not enough for long.

Wen Ziren with two characters as the starting point of this huge story clear finish. "Sea King" Arthur is the queen of Atlanta Na (Niicole Kidman) son. Atlanta Na was due to react against the political marriage, fled to the land and a lighthouse keeper in love, born half man and half of "God" Arthur. A few years later, she was forced to return to Atlanta submarine countries concluded a political marriage, gave birth to the son of OM (Patrick Wilson). AUM grew up to become the king of atlantis. Full of hatred of the human land use strategy to start OM, the annexation of the remaining 3 normal in the developing country forces destroy the land people. Orme's fiancee, King Baer kunisawa submarine Princess Mae LA to block the war, she went to the land back to Arthur, let him to Atlanta Na primogenitre queen back to Atlantis to take back the throne, and Mae LA to assist Arthur back to rule the sea lost trident.

Arthur this line is the main line, complete account of the hybrid growth process, his heart and his ability, personality, all interpretation is very fresh, the audience see a side of this muscular superhero soft heart. Arthur's growth story, finally give the hero a definition, "only for their own country fighting is the king, and strive for the guardian all over the world is the hero, Atlantis has never lacked the king, is the lack of a hero". The whole course of the men unruly hero, also looks true to life.

Om this line bring out the whole system of the underwater world. Including why Atlantis will sink into the sea from the land into the sea, how to split into 7 countries, currently in 7 countries and relations between, are depicted clearly. In addition, the film also introduced the role of Neptune's rivals black manta rays, although the story line is the line, but there should be the following.

The visual effect and the battle scenes are good.

"Arthur and Jason Moamar" King Mae Amber Heard plays with the pull with good two roles which come straight to each other, adventure and battle process is a good partner, two for the whole movie considerably.

However, for the audience, most of the things should be the undersea world picture. The underwater world of Atlantis, such as high-tech country full of poetry and philosophy "of the country, by the crab fishermen as the main salt in residents, are impressive. The MAE La and Arthur open the small submarine seen in the seabed through the screen, is more than a year of "Afanda" also stunning visual effects. It is particularly worth mentioning is that in the IMAX version of the 3D test screenings, more than half of the length of the screen under extension, showing up to 26% than ordinary cinema image, just look at the sea has become a spectacle, many viewers want to brush brush for 2.

Did "7" speed and passion "in Wen Ziren," Arthur and OM in Neptune in water duel scene, also let a person feel "speed and passion", two people are moving quickly, holding a trident head-on combat, giving the audience a strong sense of stimulation.

The scenes in Arthur's trench, Wen Ziren will have his best horror movie way into which the "spectacular" no less than "World War". Of course, compared with the last scenes, these are only "food", in the visual effect and the battle scenes, "Neptune" is worth the price.

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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