Tencent, Ali, millet...... Internet companies get together to adjust the architecture?

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Original title: Internet companies get together to adjust the architecture?

Tencent, Ali, millet, the U.S. group, ofo, bit...... Near the end of the year, and an enterprise to join the organization structure adjustment of the army. Constantly open "inside the letter, someone saw the handover of power, people have seen difficult trade-offs, some enterprises to take advantage of the adjustment of focus on core business contraction boundary, some enterprises to adjust as a business opportunity, to find early heart and values. The adjustment should not be the individual enterprise "power game", but should take the initiative to change, removal of rigid, early heart and find innovative courage.

By two core independent companies

Yesterday, Didi issued employee mail, announced the organization upgrade. With the two core business groups have attracted much attention, the original fast travel group and car division, luxury car division merged, established network platform about the car drops. The new owners of the service company, with the original small orange car service company and the asset management center (AMC). The quality of travel business group (HT), bicycle motorcycle (HM), on behalf of the drive, the enterprise business and Intelligent Transportation Division of bus travel and business inclusive services group. The taxi business remains unchanged, but will upgrade the taxi business products.

See from the adjusted organizational structure is not difficult, the network about cars and car service will become the two core business drops, upgraded to become an independent company, directly responsible by Cheng Wei.

Online car platform contains the original fast travel group, car division, luxury car division. In August this year, Li Chengwei has revealed in orange car brand conference, the future of various vertical field drops travel will form its own independent brand. The main high-end business etiquette professional orange is also seen as a key bit of profit. But with the drops in safety whirlpool, safety compliance net about car platform than development, profit is more critical. Cheng Wei also stressed that in the open letter, security is regarded as the "core competence" of the future development of Didi, "upgrade security system" on the adjustment of all description in the first. The adjustment of the organizational structure can be seen in Cheng Wei between safety and development choices.

They are in the adjustment of organizational structure

If the adjustment of organizational structure drops is to continue to adapt to changes in business enterprise change and the environment, recently announced the adjustment of the organizational structure of ofo is carried out in order to live the last ditch". 2018 intensive adjust the organizational structure of the Internet company, behind the face is the transformation of the whole market environment.

In September this year, the Tencent from seven business group organizational structure adjustment of six major business groups, is interpreted as the industry Tencent actively embrace the Internet industry's signal. In order to make the B independent development end business better, a new Tencent founded in the cloud and wisdom of industry, on the one hand the original cooperative is poor, more OMG cross network media business group, SNG social networking business group, MIG mobile Internet business group for a unified integration, the formation of a new PCG platform and content of career group.

In November 26th, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong issued a full open letter, announced the organization fission. Ali cloud Ali cloud intelligent upgrade, strengthen the construction of investment and technology, intelligent Internet; Tmall and Tmall to upgrade fission, laying organization foundation for the development of 10 years 5 years in the future and enrich the leadership, to build Ali commercial operating system.

Just listed small giants also need to adjust the organizational structure of enterprises through the development of balance with the capital market rules of the game. Millet new group organization and group staff, the TV Department, ecological chain department and MIUI department, entertainment department four departments into 10 new business department. "No veterans, no inheritance. No army, no future." The founder Lei Jun millet said that over the past 8 years has made great achievements, but there are big problems against the guerrillas will continue. "Today we have the size of nearly twenty thousand people, the team will continue to expand in the future, the construction of organization system of risk control is not good is not enough, this is the enterprise of vital importance."

Has been regarded as a "no boundary" of the U.S. group also made clear the enterprise's core is to adhere to the "food + platform" strategy. American CEO Wang Xing said, after IPO, spent a lot of time to set up the basic organizational structure. "I think to set up the basic structure for us is the most important stage, because we want to make sure that the U.S. group have a better team."

The environment has undergone a fundamental change

Fall, with the tightening of capital tightening, stock price, the Internet giant must choose at this time to get together to adjust the organizational framework, positive action to deal with the market risk.

National Development Research Institute of Peking University BiMBA business school dean Chen Chunhua said, "has undergone a fundamental change in our environment today, even Ali, Tencent, Jingdong, such as the Internet giant, had to adjust their organizational structure." Chen Chunhua believes that today's enterprise organizations must be dynamic, because the organization must become more and more network.

Headhunting consultant for the Beijing Morning Post reporter said, the current economic situation has changed steadily. As the Internet enterprise itself, advocating to embrace change, and have a keen awareness of the market, understand the survival of the fittest. When the economic downturn, it is a good time to the enterprise personnel and organizational structure adjustment: excess water will be squeezed, the organisation shake up and upgrade, enhance efficiency, reduce redundancy, reduce the management cost and manpower. When spring comes, there will be an irresistible force such as enterprise development, have a brilliant future.

Renmin University of China Labor College Professor, doctoral tutor, chinastone Management Consulting Group Chairman Peng Jianfeng said that the overall economic China bid farewell to the extensive growth, began to pay attention to the quality of development, talent and innovation drive power of enterprise development is through organizational change and innovation mechanism to hold the creative vitality. Peng Jianfeng said that at present the organization mode and mechanism of talent China the vast majority of enterprises or in the pyramid bureaucrat organization pattern, people in the organization but not the value creator tool. In the course of time, the bureaucracy organization system lead to bloated, slow response, rigid system, low efficiency of the manufacturing work more personnel than work available, do not create value is in the organization. He suggested that the enterprise construction organization, presents network structure flat, data driven.

According to the recruitment of the release of the "2018 China annual best employers report", large enterprises are often criticized for the slow response to the market, curing process. Small business management is flat, flexible structure, the so-called "small boat u-turn". Zhaopin said, the giants, to fully enjoy the advantages of capital and strong anti risk ability, the courage to break the boundaries of the organization, is the effective way to find new growth point. But for the development or even survival enterprises, how to survive in the harsh environment is the most sensible choice. The Beijing Morning News reporter Han Yuanjia

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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