"I" "the" "twins" martial arts drama set off a new round of hot rescreens

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In December 2018 06, 07:18 source: Guangzhou daily
Original title: martial arts drama set off a new round of hot rescreens

The controversial "new" The legend of Condor Hero character Poster

The new version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" poster

Recently, martial arts costume drama "new" The legend of Condor Hero released the first version of the "light" character posters, this is the drama for the first time the whole team debut. The play by the 90, 00 after the couple up starring lineup, Tong Mengshi played Yang Guo, played by Mao Xiaohui, starring Wen Qi Guo Xiang Helen of Troy. Unexpectedly, the drama of the poster speeding on hot search, users believe that the poster slot point too much". In addition to the "new" The legend of Condor Hero, at present there are a large number of martial arts drama is a remake, including "twins" "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" "pingzong Xiaying" will usher in a new interpretation. However, no matter how hard crying drama actor and martial arts IP, as well as the influence is an indisputable fact that the influence of IP on the production decline, why "quack" also bored?

Reporter observed

Making progress to martial arts IP bring new heat?

In recent years, the news can be heard without end martial arts drama remake, many industry famous director and producer frequently launch new works. However, the heat of martial arts IP decline is an indisputable fact, in addition to the classic contrast and trigger bursts of slot points, the audience does not seem to find to what special memory sharp point.

Someone said, "black is red". Therefore, the "new" The legend of Condor Hero trigger brain hole wide open "Helen of Troy P contest, was the media that is used in heat exchange for the drama side of controversial posters, even so decreased audience expectations," also can be finished if subsequent hard paved steps". However, the "black" does not apply to all the actors, broadcast from the last two years of the remake of the drama, although the drama had a discussion, but the actor left the audience impression is not deep, drama broadcast after the actor and not so popular, the audience had told them to forget themselves in rivers and lakes".

Moreover, in addition to the original "The Legendary Swordsman", in recent years the story "black line" remake of the drama is not successful, this year on the latest version of "Qin Ji" "The Legendary Swordsman" network, just 2.3, scoring 2.6 points, hit a new low frequency word of martial arts drama. It can be said that these two works of mouth repeatedly dip, told the producers a cruel fact that not all can easily "The Legendary Swordsman rescreens".

Despite the heat and IP level in recent years, the remake is seriously out of, but the producers still insist on making new "arena". As a result, martial arts IP own flow, actor makeup, drama broadcasting, always get some attention. And the story line of mature, as long as the faithful case in some detail to be adapted, even innovation. Now add the film production standards improve, on the theory that IP is expected to take the martial arts works better, more beautiful than before.

Of course, rely on the number of rescreens to upgrade and improve the level of film and television production, is not enough to make the martial arts arena to usher in a new upsurge. The story of the audience for having heard it many times also to maintain the original passion? We can accept the same IP was repeatedly "consumption"? How to arouse the audience attention on this kind of IP, depending on the story, actor, or production level upgrade, it is making the party needs to seriously address the problems in the film before.

After all, although everyone has a martial arts dream, but not necessarily arena or the original arena.

The new version of Helen of Troy debut, "P Helen of Troy triggered map-a-thon"

50 episode TV series "new" The legend of Condor Hero directed by Raymond Lam, this year 7 month start, has now entered the post production. The filming period has announced the lineup. As Yang Guo, Mao Xiaohui, Tong Mengshi, Wen Qi Helen of Troy play starred Guo Xiang, Mao Linlin plays Guo Fu, Su Qing plays Lin Zhaoying, played by Bing Shao Guo Jing...... The new lineup is old collocation. The show first exposure character posters, actually waves -- users initiate Helen of Troy P map contest in hot search".

Starring lineup, Tong Mengshi was on the Hunan TV's "the first grade university" in the season, "Yun Zhi", played King Kong disciples stone. Actress Mao Xiaohui is the entertainment star, * * * the first movie is the actress, in the "West" in the beautiful Hibiscus Flower hibiscus flowers and twin sisters play beautiful, "now just 2 The legend of Condor Hero" of her works. Users of the "new" makeup The legend of Condor Hero poster on version Helen of Troy Xiaohui Mao make complaints about "false face" nose "is very strange, funny" fairies are gone". The 2014 version of "Michelle Chen Helen of Troy was also a target for all, friends lamented," it is not the rhythm of edition edition". However, there are also netizens for Mao Xiaohui sound, said "this is retouchers pot" and "just a magistrate denied poster version of Helen of Troy, really too early".

"P Helen of Troy map-a-thon" on the hot search, Mao Xiaohui publicly responded to the controversy. She said on the morning of the day when the 4 shot posters are pulled up makeup, without too much attention to the makeup. For users of the dispute, retouching excessive questioning on post staff, said Mao Xiaohui did not intend to ask the staff, they are also very hard". Mao Xiaohui also revealed that his love for all versions of the Helen of Troy, but see the most is the Carman Lee version, "not what can not transcend, everyone has a Helen of Troy".

In addition to aunt Zhang Wuji son, you will have a new interpretation of us

Attention in the "new" The legend of Condor Hero at the same time, the reporter noted that a large number of martial arts drama remake of "on the road". Has to broadcast the martial arts drama remake and ten fingers to count, with "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" "The Sword Of Many Lovers" "Chu Liuxiang" "twins" "pingzong Xiaying" etc.. In addition, aunt, Zhang Wuji, US and other heroes will have a new interpretation.

The actor, "the old with the new standard"

From the current works published by the lineup, "play with new bone seems to have been a conventional collocation, the old drama of bone willing green leaves for the young actor as a supporting role, not only brings fresh feeling for the audience, but also provides full of positive energy for the young actor.

The "new" relatively The legend of Condor Hero Guo Xiang who played the little Qi visibility: see network viewers know she played "Tiankeng" Sin City "falconry psychological light", etc.. In addition, Bing Shao, Alex Fong, Tong Chun Chunng and other actors, is deemed to be the drama "points".

The new version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" by three 90 after the new generation of actors Ceng Shunxi, Chen Yuqi, Zhu Xudan, Zhao Min, Zhou Zhiruo and Zhang Wuji were playing. He played Zhou Zhiruo Kathy Chow in the old version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", has joined the new Nun Killer. For this team, many netizens dispute.

"Twins" by Hu Yitian, Chen Zheyuan, Liang Jie, Liang Jingxian, Gallen Law, Mao Linlin starring. Because "to our simple small beautiful" in doctor Jiang Chen is known and recognized for the first time on a day Hu costume drama serial play us, starred in "Shushan" in more than 2 olgame lchi corner was known as Chen Zheyuan as the little fish.

In addition, the new "beauty" of Chu played young Chu is Cai Juntao, the new "pingzong Xiaying" by Marco and Wang Xiaochen with actress Zhang Danfeng and Yunlei, Ray Lui join to help out.

"The old story retains the taste"

In recent years in the martial arts drama remake, Wallace Huo, Joe Chen version of "The Legendary Swordsman" attracted the most controversy, the Invincible Eastern changed her daughter, also became friends with Feng qingyang...... Seen this kind of "thunder bursts" adaptation, the 2017 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" suddenly become the eyes of the audience "clean" -- it does is faithful to the original. Recently made a lot of similar works are announced to keep the original taste of the old".

In an interview with reporters, the "new" The legend of Condor Hero production said, this drama tries to view the classical tradition, while retaining the old flavor and meet modern aesthetic. General director Raymond Lam said: "with today's young love view in this version, the concept of more appropriate interpretation of love martial arts."

"Twins" of the new version of the remake will follow the original story, strengthen the traditional culture of martial arts Chinese Cleanse Spirit, at the same time into consideration, the era of martial arts arena. Producer Guo Jingyu said, the chivalrous spirit and contemporary values integration.

"The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" also adhere to the "reduction of the original", the team announced plans to build a succession of classical martial arts aesthetics and keeping up with the times and innovation of the new martial arts film and television works.

- clothing tract location to have spent a long time

The classic is not beyond? Although the actors in the adaptation of the story, we have different views, but with the progress of technology, the new version of the shooting and production techniques, location than the old version has obvious progress.

Prior to the 2017 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" praised by the audience because in addition to the story of faithful to the original, and clothing, and the heart, not a lot of matting, photographing, figures are also considered "aesthetic" online "with role".

The new "twins" also on-site shooting, the crew, Xiangshan, Wuxi, Hengdian and Yunnan, Ningxia, Gansu and Xinjiang, from the prairie to the valley to the caves, forests, scenic spots all over the country, and strive to use the vast primeval scenery of the river lake landscape rendering of the original.

From the "trailer" The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber announced the visible, six sects siege light top, Zhou Zhiruo practice Jiuyin-Baiguzhao classic scene has been restored. Other collocation, magic weapon reduction, does not evoke nostalgia, pull the audience back to the martial arts world sloppily.

In order to better show "beautiful scenery in the original novel The legend of Condor Hero", "new" crew The legend of Condor Hero after thousands of miles, for scenes in Four Girls Mountain, Xiangshan, Chengdu and other places, this is the first screen debut in Four Girls Mountain. Have the confidence to let the audience can enjoy the show, a lot of beauty in the story attracted at the same time, a feast for the eyes.

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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