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2018 years 12 months 06 days from 07:16: Beijing daily
Original title: count those paid video websites dug pit

Comic / Wang Peng

The recently released "2018 Chinese network audio-visual Development Research Report" shows that the content of pay than increased year by year revenue structure in the online video industry; network video users pay more than half the proportion, and maintain rapid growth. Spend money to buy more quality experience, has become more and more people choose. However, the video site "massive tracts of heart to see" advertising jump "membership commitment is only sounds good, hidden in the terms of overlord service agreement" hand ", users frequently leave step by step carefully, though still hiding in those pits.

The first pit

Members pay to watch exclusive advertising"

In the video site frequently need to watch more than a minute of advertising, which makes the "member skip advertising" has become the choice of users to spend money to buy clean. However, the name of the ads that appear to face the "exclusive", but let the user impossible to guard against.

In order to chase drama do not look at advertising, Ms. Liao specifically to buy a video Tencent member, but still will not divide screen corner often appear "psoriasis" advertisement. "Small advertisement is just, sometimes halfway to the advertising caption pop-up blocking, click will shrink from."

If you click on the website of "July million seconds of advertising time" advertisement "jump" and other membership privileges of advertisement, jump to the rights in detail, will see more: members of the exclusive recommended restrictions and fetters manually shut down, part of the special film or TV still may not provide the same type of advertising services. When to see advertising as bait to charge a membership fee, now began to recommend the name with exclusive advertising." Ms. Liao said.

"Video website will specify hidden in the privilege after most people will not go to the icon, click the icon, carefully read the relevant content." Zhang Yanfeng Kyoto law firm lawyers pointed out that due to related provisions to remove and limit their own responsibility, hidden details will lead to invalid terms. For possible misunderstandings, operators have an obligation to consumers in the purchase of membership to be clarified in a significant way, otherwise constitute fraud, misleading consumers.

Second pit

Automatically renew "contract"

"Some time ago because" Yan Xi Raiders ", I charge a membership in iQIYI. Did not expect the membership expires, the system automatically renew each month to help me recharge, I tired sweating did not find how to cancel the automatic renewal."

Last month, Beijing Heng Law Group lawyer Deng Xueping encountered such troubles. With the help of his colleagues, Deng Xueping found the hidden cancel automatically renew button. "I want to ask you: how is Iqiyi automatically debited from my bank card? I don't need to lose the password, I do not need to confirm every month automatically to your account." Deng Xueping issued such a question on micro-blog.

Reporters found that experience, Tencent, Iqiyi video, Youku and other video sites in the head opened membership service, all packages are automatic monthly renewals, monthly membership does not automatically renew the row in the back. If the page scan two-dimensional code to pay, on behalf of "continuous service agreement" agreed monthly. Open the "continuous monthly service agreement", the text description of user authorization in the website member validity is expired, automatic payment debit accounts, bank card balances from membership account bound third party, without the user operation.

If you want to cancel rebilling, operation button to find comparable to "hide and seek". In the thousands of messages comment of Deng Xueping micro-blog, there are a lot of people like eating yabakui, users reflect the deductions for several months after the customer service phone call was canceled. A video website member said: "even if you make complaints about the prosecution said they will spend money, things you don't see? Who can tell them to dozens of pieces of a lawsuit?"

Third pit

Is it needed to pay the purchase of single chip

"Want to see" the Avengers 3 "a few days ago, opened in Iqiyi, that is the other charges, the thought of their members can see, look at the results after 6 minutes to pay 2.5 yuan to continue to see."

As the Hollywood blockbuster Iqiyi enthusiasts, Mr. Liu found that the members of the user "ant" and "The Incredibles" "Hotel" and other series of films need to pay to watch. Iqiyi video website, the film copyright request, on-demand coupon exclusive area film need to use coupons or pay to watch on demand.

Law School of Minzu University of China postdoctoral Qiu Zhimiao believes that from the practical point of view, the purchase of monolithic form has its rationality of existence. If all the members can watch the video website that hit Hollywood blockbusters, membership price may exceed the capacity of the current market. So the video site in accordance with the general free (through advertising revenue and profit) VIP members, with coupons and pay (half off members) and other forms of operation. However, Zhang Yanfeng's lawyer pointed out that "massive tracts of heart to see such advertisements may mislead consumers into thinking that the members all free video website.

In addition, a variety of website members also let buyers accidentally caught. Such as the purchase of membership Youku VIP can not be used in the TV terminal, terminal to watch on TV to buy cool meow VIP membership; Iqiyi and the end of the Milky Way TV kiwi TV belongs to the partnership, the purchase of Iqiyi gold membership also cannot use the TV terminal services etc.. Qiu Zhimiao reminded of a movie right is divided into various forms of broadcast rights is the market operation mode of international membership, consumers buy to carefully read the notes before, define their rights.

Some of the media commented that the video site payment service is not standardized, may harm the user just set up video paying habits, also affect the healthy development of the video industry. Many consumers expect regulators to improve the standardization, joint efforts in the video website industry, regulators, enhance the pay to use experience.

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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