Iqiyi push vertical screen micro network drama three video website layout vertical screen short video field


In December 2018 06, 07:14 source: Beijing daily
Original title: three big video website layout vertical screen short video field

Recently, a film called "the life of my hand" play in the Iqiyi line. In the play, each lack of 5 minutes, the interception of a group of fragments of life, through the exaggerated interpretation of everyday things, made people laugh the reversal effect. It is worth mentioning that the play by play form vertical screen. Vertical screen short video platform to fast Trill and quickly as the representative, the video site began to counterattack.

"Life on my hand" is not the first vertical screen play, Iqiyi is not the first layout of vertical screen short video platform, Youku, Tencent are in force. Prior to this, the Tencent has produced Yoo video boyfriend force vertical screen drama "my sister". The conference held in September this year, Youku in autumn, Youku also announced production of vertical screen content. Iqiyi founder Gong Yu recently said: "vertical screen content will become a mainstream direction in the future, and from the grassroots content leading into professional content leading."

In recent years, the three major video sites seem to "beat" the strong rise of the traditional television, but there is no profit, industry ceiling has emerged. The more difficult is that the short video is love Teng to form a huge impact, continue to carve up the market space. In October this year released "China Mobile Internet Report" in the fall of 2018, September 2018, the size of 518 million people live a short video, online video 1 billion 61 million 48.8% users, total short video length accounted for 8.8%, and almost 9% flat online video.

Trill and deft two platforms is common to users in a short period of time to bring "feeling", and this feature is also applicable to vertical screen micro network drama -- in just 35 minutes, there must be a bursting point. This determines that a new web series is the only drama scripts. From the start of my life "" the drama is not difficult to guess the play style is in the ways of life and make complaints about ridicule and banter. The play has made watercress score 7.9 points of good results, mainly due to the writer's skill and down to earth.

However, vertical screen micro network drama facing congenitally deficient problem. The composition of portrait mode on the screen caused by the great challenge of aesthetics couldn't have multiple characters, at the same time into the mirror, unless the remote shooting, but the distance from a far, relatively will weaken people's presence. When the subject once more serious or scenes of scheduling, vertical screen will appear too.

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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