Management of internet account malicious registration cut off the "black interests of the chain network account"

Xu Qing

In December 2018 06, 06:59 source: - People's daily
Original title: cut the "black interests of the chain network account"

Illustration: Li Ruining

This year 7 month, Chaoyang Public Security Bureau found that users of "XX" in the QQ group released the sale of real micro signal information, after 4 months of investigation, criminal suspects arrested 15, the micro channel account 5 million.

10 months, Yueqing Public Security Bureau arrested a fake Tencent "particle loan staff fraud gang. The police found in the interrogation, the gang by purchase from illegal channels account of social crime, involving about 60 million.

12 1, the internet account malicious registration of black industry Governance Forum, and issued a "malicious Internet account registered Black Industry Report" pointed out that this kind of governance, black production widely exists in the social, financial, business, and other Internet content, traffic scene, in violation of the rules of real name system, increase the cost of platform security, breeding the downstream "black ash production", serious harm to the interests of users.

Buy what account

"Cover vest breed fraud

Recently, the Zhejiang Yueqing leaflets suffered a fraud. Do business leaflets of the urgent need for funds, think before a chat group met a self proclaimed "loan Tencent particle internal staff" group of friends. Add friends and look at each other before the release of the circle of friends, that this person is indeed a "lobular particle loan staff, dispel concerns, according to the requirements of loans required materials. Subsequently, "insiders" to apply for loans to the success of the video and ask for 5000 yuan fee, the fee just leaflets on the last turn is to pull the other black, it found himself on the.

It looks like a formal staff, how to become a liar? Yueqing police found in the trial, the fraud Gang network purchased from illegal channels using special account of social crime, fraud account by hand support number, by adding friends, chat groups, circle of friends to build occupation and life characteristics, has the very strong.

360 hunting net platform released "2017 Research Report" pointed out that the trend of Internet fraud, identity impersonation, online dating has become the main type of Internet fraud, identity posing like Li Gui, high imitation real authenticity "has become the new characteristics of network fraud.

"The network account is not for normal use, bypassing the network" real name system "and platform security regulatory measures for fraud, brush single letter fry even network pornography and other acts of" cover vest ", black and gray breeding industry, disrupting the order of the network, but also on the management of the Internet caused great obstacles and difficulties." Tencent Guardian planning security expert Zhang Wentao said.

"Black account" where

As to "feed" and "keep your"

In February 2015, the national network information office issued the "Internet user account name management regulations", pointed out that the Internet information service providers shall be in accordance with the 'background real name, the voluntary "principle, requirements of Internet information services through the true identity of the user authentication information registered account."

In the real name system requires more and more strict, in order to obtain a large number of untraceable users of real network account, malicious registration, "raise" behavior came into being, and formed a complete chain, a clear division of black chain.

To register an account, first you must have a mobile phone number. Professional mobile phone black card providers through non normal channels to obtain a large number of mobile phone card, to provide support for the malicious registration. Then, through the malicious registration batch registration device, using "the code" platform "code platform" automatic identification of text or voice verification code, through the website platform verification, access to a large number of preliminary accounts.

Because of this kind of new accounts can easily be judged as "zombie" platform and banned, and gave birth to the "keep" team, responsible for the "feed" to "keep your" these illegal registered account. "Keep" team set up automatic script, let the new account continue to automatically add friends, browsing information, publishing and other operations. There are also professional "business" to provide bank card number, ID number, circle of friends with state and other personal information, make the image more "real full account".

Previously, Guangdong, Guangxi, Gansu and other places selling tea, female fraud "fraud perpetrators on social platforms disguised as beautiful and kind, a tea" tea lady ", after several months of chat and victim and build trust, began to shop decoration, Grandpa sick in hospital, and the stepmother for tea business the right way to defraud victims of money. A gang of Huizhou destroyed in Guangdong only have 239 suspects, the freezing of funds 32 million yuan.

It is understood that the downstream personnel will be according to the registration time and number of rich content gives different purchase price: just registered a new micro signal price is about 10 yuan, the registration time for 1 months is 40 yuan, while the micro signal registration time for a year, the purchase price of up to 200 yuan. The sale of illegal gangs also registered number of profitable industry sources, some groups accounted for three months to 10 million yuan.

On the one hand, some people want to evade supervision, do not want to show people the true face of illegal manufacturing network account demand; on the other hand, people have found that the sale of network account profitable, and lucrative, so a lot of malicious registered account. We must cut off the interest chain gaps." Renmin University of China law school professor Liu Junhai think.

How do account tube

Verify the identity of the "real name real people"

And you chat enthusiasm of bank staff, may be dismal fraud; from a shop selling goods, may be the same small brush praise results; take the network about cars, cars and people may encounter inconsistent witnesses inconsistent drivers...... If we cannot trace real user account network unimpeded, not only disturbs the order of the network, more personal and property safety line under threat.

To combat malicious registration and support number, WeChat security center to carry out special operations, as of the end of 2017, the amount of malicious account registration fell to 50%, the stock fell nearly 70% of the total number of malicious. In May this year, the Guangdong public security network security departments to carry out the "safety net" 4 hit black crime project to close the net action, arresting 192 suspects, seized more than 296 pieces of "black card".

In order to avoid regulatory and legal sanctions, network sale account has also been dealing with black production. In June this year, Jiangxi Ji'an Street appear printed by the Tencent being serious, micro business difficult, small ads high recovery of micro signal, the acquisition price tag to the general user network account, "also boast without shame a micro signal only, in addition to chat Nothing is right. as sold, then eat (food)". Some black production team in strict accordance with the conditions of legal sentencing is not higher than the lower limit of the standard, a small number of fraudulent use of personal information of citizens; some "the code" code "team name of various public service under the guise of practical help malicious registration team mobile phone verification code automatic identification.

"After all, identity management or network account loopholes, failed to bind the account registration and the actual users. To be truly "real name and real people", the network real name system implement. At the same time, the relevant laws and regulations should keep up with the new change of network crimes, the website platform should fulfill the main responsibility, the local authorities should also participate in the management of network information, make the whole process of supervision." Communication University of China, vice minister Wang Sixin pointed out that learning grammar.

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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