Zepeto scraper circle of friends and a short-lived explosion of App?

In December 2018 06, 06:48 source: Beijing Business Today
Original title: Zepeto, and a short-lived explosion of App?

Estimation of QQ show did not think he would return to public view in this way. Ten years ago, people had to play QQ show be in full swing, after ten years to play Zepeto. October 20th Store list App Chinese PA region before ten, is currently ranked Chinese free App list, has now spread to WeChat, micro-blog, red book and other major social platforms......

Stereo cartoon image, high reduction degree, pinched face can decorate the background, and the stars pictured together with friends, these are not very fresh gameplay, Zepeto had five passes slay six, hot circle of friends. In March 1st this year, South Korea SNOW company launched the application, in September, Zepeto began to appear in the list of China district.

In this "Khorium all feel shy to call the game" era, Zepeto also has its own "living law". Gold is the primary, 25 yuan 1.99 million gold coins, built-in small game or daily tasks, see a few seconds of advertising can earn coins 180. Knead face, take pictures, hair circle of friends, Zepeto more and more "tap water". Don't underestimate the attribute of the virtual image of the suction gold. The Tencent insiders have revealed that the "king of glory", the highest income of up to 200 million yuan, a Zhao Yun skin day income amounted to 150 million yuan will be able to.

Stepped in the popularity of the virtual image, even if the server are not in the domestic App frequently crashes, Caton, loading the white screen, the heat is still unabated. Let the unexpected jump red Zepeto team with mongolia. But Mongolia after the Chinese version of "Zai" the suddenness of a thunderbolt registered administrative micro-blog, the official version of the official team Chinese Xuan - December 5th formal operation.

Perhaps the explosion of red Zepeto and Yan value business. The current Zepeto in the Chinese area operated by the B612 team that can support the self artifact of different style pictures, videos, graffiti on the map. This means that the Zepeto behind the self artifact, mapping camera and a series of "beauty routine" has already been together.

However, the virtual image is not new. In 2003, the birth of QQ show and took the social circle, 2013, pinched face artifact adorable face was pinched face off the national trend. In essence, there is not much difference with the Zepeto face, adorable QQ show, but behind the business should not be underestimated. The last 10 months, adorable face C round of financing has reached $50 million.

"2018 years," the new face adorable "show", when Zepeto turn red when the label is also swarmed. But those adorable face although temporarily, but could not escape the fate of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. This is the Zepeto add in social game based on a big reason. With social, there is a degree of adhesion, adhesion, there is the future. From a pinched face to a group of people from a pinched face, people of the world to "go to the streets looking for friends", Zepeto seems to wait himself into a social software.

It is more like a game, but the Zepeto in the App Store label is social. In fact, social business is not necessarily good to do business than the yen value. Ali did social, Alipay can chat, unfamiliar street, explore emerge in an endless stream. WeChat also known as subversion of bullet messages quickly disappeared.

Know there is a high praise "comment, Taobao, Jingdong to solve home shopping needs, WeChat mobile communications needs to solve the dispute, know almost solved why demand, and adorable face this kind of product, the final positioning of affiliated demand is in the life of the user, rather than the long-term demand".

Do social Zepeto is not simple, because users need accumulation from zero. The user after the development of other projects easily, but the reverse was impossible. In the first quarter of 2018 earnings in the Tencent, WeChat users for the first time exceeded 1 billion, up to 1 billion 40 million. At the end of 2017, the number is 9.89 million. A group of users, all other attempts to launch meaningful and can in turn to user generated positive growth, but if in turn, especially in the people-oriented social field, is tantamount to rise from the ground. This is why the QQ show escaped the fate of reason but flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, adorable face but can not escape the "month throws a curse. For WeChat, the growth of the number of users, the Tencent in a quarterly report pointed out that the successful launch of small game, the small program the whole ecosystem benefit.

The real problem now is that in the social arena and the Tencent the 20 years seems to have no one enemy. The only possible breakthrough is a small social video. The Department of Tencent launched headlines to the offensive, vibrato short video business limelight masamori. Therefore, the development of Tencent intends to use 3 billion yuan to support micro, but poor results. The number of users as the only appeared in the significant growth in February this year, as of May this year, the number of active users is 5 million 120 thousand, about 1/46, the hand vibrato 1/32.

If in the instant messaging, only its own may beat the Tencent, then in the corner overtaking above, there may be a slim chance of survival.

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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