Nonprofessional can also be famous CCTV anchor Wang Xiaoya mouth Secret Dream Road

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From the "golden land" "Happy Dictionary", "home to eat", more and more programs of Wang Xiaoya presided over the CCTV financial channel. Her words "are you sure?" Once the China TV hot spoken language. On the screen, with elegant atmosphere of Wang Xiaoya is not a professional radio host Kebanchushen, go to today is not Everything is going smoothly. Recently, CCTV chief editor's office of public micro channel number CCTV watch "published articles about Wang Xiaoya's" dream road".

From the newspaper to copy the envelope into the CCTV

In September 1986, Wang Xiaoya entered Sichuan University to study economics specialty. After graduating from college in 1990, she was assigned to a local newspaper reporter in economics. But she never thought, the newspaper leadership put her to copy the envelope of communications. For three months, she is on the table with the envelope with. At that time she also feel confused, but she encouraged himself: "adhere to the simple things well is not simple, adhere to the ordinary things to do is extraordinary." Three months later, she wrote well and quickly write the envelope, fast to one person to perform the task of three people. Where is the gold will shine, her outstanding performance attracted the attention of the leadership, and promoted her as an editor. In 1996, Wang Xiaoya decided to continue their study, admitted to the Beijing Broadcasting Institute (now Communication University of China) in TV literature. In 1997, she entered the CCTV Ministry of economic practice, which opened its own way of broadcasting.

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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