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Original title: documentary "flavor world" another delicacy Carnival

From the "tongue on Chinese" to a "life", then to "human" flavor, almost every period of time, there is a delicacy in your circle of friends in the documentary "screen", the night watching people greedy scream. A total of 8 set, just in Tencent video updated 2 sets of "human" is the general director of flavor, on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" first and second season director Chen Xiaoqing, in his efforts with the old team, the "flavor of world" with more advanced technology, more wide field of vision, a record of the story behind the food and food culture, delicacy footprint across 6 continents, known as the "tongue" series of 2.0 world - "on the tongue". Because the "flavor of the world", Chen Xiaoqing is now on the network has a title of "the world hungry father", refers to the "flavor of the world" looks so delicious, hungry people want to call the father Chen Xiaoqing......

The upgrade is equipped with 1

The use of micro photography techniques, revealing subtle changes in food

8 sets of "human" flavor of the first 7 sets, the themes are "between the mountain" and "air plant" and "red dust" and "changing" dishes "quack" spice "rain" crossroads ", and the eighth sets of lamps and candles of a myriad families" is the equivalent of footage, "flavor" tour, the main record of birth process of this documentary delicacy the.

"The tongue" produced by the same team, compared to the first quarter on the tip of the tongue "China" "the gift of nature" and "the story of staple food"...... "The world" the flavor theme name seems to be more abstract. Like "between the mountain" is to transfer "and the party people", starting from the natural geography, about the complex topography and diverse climate, how people to interpret life with delicious. When the camera is focused on the food, it is not "abstract", Shaanxi, Gansu stone steamed potato up group, Henan, Sichuan Nianzhuan cold bamboo...... The audience is familiar with the strange food.

Chen Xiaoqing once said that food is the root. So in the first episode, the audience with the camera from the inland to coast, to see a different environment to give people what kind of natural resources, and the local people use these resources to create what kind of flavor, to carry out a "food tour".

2012 years available on the tip of the tongue "China", was known as the first domestic using HD equipment to shoot large delicacy and this documentary; "human" flavor, shooting technology further upgrade, the use of ultra micro photography, micro photography shooting mode, will be reduced to the perspective of "molecular level", to get a glimpse of food subtle changes and texture.

The shooting style, can be seen in the curing process, fine salt is how a little bit into the flesh; can also see the brine and meet Soybean Milk, how to condense into tofu.

From the collision between the ingredients, subtle changes in the environment of food by micro photography glance to show in front of the audience.

Upgrade with 2

The same kind of food different fate, show the collision of Chinese and Western cuisine

Why is the "human" records the flavor delicacy the broader perspective, because this appears not only China delicacy, and from all over the world delicacy, even abroad accounted for about 1/3 of the length of the program delicacy. The first set "between the mountain", appeared in 13 countries and regions around 20 feature a variety of delicacy. Chinese delicacy in the show is cleverly collision, making the program to "stand in the global perspective on the Chinese delicacy change" the beginning of the heart, in the record of the global diet peculiar and rich at the same time, to explore the process of China diet in historical and geographical.

The same as famous ham in Anhui, Huizhou and Spain in the Iberian Peninsula, ham has a different "destiny", making technology have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, the edible method is greatly different; all is fish, fish and fish in Shunde Japan in which the difference...... And so on the knowledge points in the program are involved. Different local delicacy of touch, but also reflects the regional different diet culture and cultural connotations, as Chen Xiaoqing said, "we are not given food culture, but the food itself comes with culture, many people have their life can get answers from food. Such as wheat, West pass, met the fire, into a pizza bread; East, encountered water into Steamed Buns noodles. Western culture is so incompatible, and wheat that 'break' a great relationship. So the food is all human culture starting point."

Challenge the "tongue" word of mouth?

To online shopping, the sustainability of praise is still unknown

In addition to Chen Xiaoqing as general director, "flavor world" commentary by Li Lihong as composer, music, akun blessing, are the "tongue" of the old team, from the lens to the sound and background music, also let many of the audience to see the "tongue" back when excited, "" people "what the devil is the flavor of documentary. It is to lose weight." "" flavor world "see I want to eat ham, bamboo shoots and crabs. Cry, don't know why this big night, than I eat sowing (Note: eat 10000000 times worse live)."

"The tongue" broadcast and have a fight, the program reflects the popular products in the same section of the online shopping, eating has become a single synchronous specified actions of most people. Early in the morning to buy program appears in the "dragon bamboo" the audience also said, "last year of the shop, I can buy, did not expect the show aired, sold out."

"Human" is flavor in everyone's circle of friends brush sense of presence, good sound is not a few, but also can not ignore some different voices. There is that the audience, from the program to see the "tongue" familiar with the taste but easily fatigued, "flavor, is still routine"; there are also the audience to reflect on, stimulate the appetite, "flavor of the world" or less "tongue" series. Information Times reporter also found that the audience for the second set of "air plant" response is generally not as good as the "word of mouth, between the mountain", "this set of ideas a bit messy, is hard to scrape together, don't let me what food."

The secret behind the program director

"Human" is the flavor of "crazy (MAD)" world taste

Although after the broadcast appraise have, but in the bean won the 9.3 score, the "human" flavor, it is a good opening performance.

For this "score", before the show began broadcasting in microblogging conscience recommend "program is not really ugly," Chen Xiaoqing said, in fact, before the broadcast well prepared for, after all, now spread format complex, what is possible, "in the bean harvest such a high score, I naturally happy".

But he felt that this is the first set to premiere performance director Zhang Ping affirmed, "her as a female director, a 8 year old boy's mother, more than a year (around) in the mountains, sea, desert, jungle, almost the moment does not stop. The evaluation of the audience is the best for sure she hard to pay."

Micro photography how difficult?

Director Chen Xiaoqing: "half a month to complete only one shot, but to see the wonderful world"

Talk about "human" flavor of the shooting, Chen Xiaoqing said, "from A to Z are difficult. The documentary, really hard, but we are very happy to do this thing."

Want to do something better to do the extreme, is destined to be a simple process. From the program, we just learned that because of the shooting, the crew traveled abroad, go through the winter, hard, but in fact, there is a lot we don't know the technology behind, is also quite easy. Although Chen Xiaoqing said, "in the audience heart, technology is not the most important......" But they are doing, or.

This program uses advanced shooting techniques -- photomicrography, although this kind of lens only occupy the entire film 3%. That is very short, but need to spend a lot of time. "The shooting technique, although can let more delicate details completely in front of the audience, but it made the failure rate is particularly high, we spent half a month's time, may be completed only one shot. But from another perspective, micro photography to see the world, really wonderful."

For example, we all know that eat crab dipped in vinegar sauce more delicious, in micro photography, this would be a scientific explanation. The audience can see when the acid is close to the crab, crab meat fiber will instantly start. At this time, you will know why suddenly become delicious crab. "We test a lot of kids and adults, see here have hit a shiver. This is in fact the truth out, let you see what is the most fundamental things, let a person feel."

In the late sound processing food, programs have to be perfect in the effort. Chen Xiaoqing says, "two days before we do in the late sound, a new team of little friend said," now I know that doing so fine. " A cut piece (Steamed Buns lens), it is soft, here is the glue, the knife down the moment voice, must let the audience know it. May 100 people only one person wearing headset, we will give it a personal best. If 1000 people there is only one wearing the headset especially high resolution, we also gave him a panoramic sound."

There are many pressing aging ingredients?

The first set of director Zhang Ping: "after a time, feel like every dog behind, particularly awkward"

The first set "between the mountain" director Zhang Ping said, when filming, "every day is a challenge". The program for each set of different directors, is not the same as the storm, and in between the mountain "is difficult, most of the ingredients appear in this episode, is time. "It's not like the seasons of the year there are dishes or restaurant. The ingredients of the acquisition, herdsmen transitions, or fishermen, is time. After the point in time, it felt like every dog behind him, because this is the time to come, there will be no missed, and missed a year, so can let a person feel very embarrassed."

The program appeared in a variety of Chinese and Western food, also need to advance the team behind the scenes to find information to do research, "how to find these foods and stories. Some of the food that was an accident, such as the Gansu water bowl, is a very old food, we also found that the local. In addition, the Internet information, as well as domestic colleagues and friends, including the teacher director Chen will give great help."

The first appeared in Holland when the crabs, crabs abroad in search process, also let Zhang Ping impressive. From Germany, Belgium and Holland, "the first found in Germany, but because Germany in the the Rhine basin is upstream, so crabs season earlier, this time to find clues, have missed the fishing time. By the Shanghai Ocean University and the Jiangsu Fisheries Research Institute, learned about more than 10 years ago, the Gent University in Belgium's help, they introduced European the Rhine crabs. At that time, like finding the life-saving straw, Gent University responsible teacher had retired, contact the school only mailbox. The miracle is, although retired, but he continues to use the mailbox, and a week later really give us back to the news. But due to various reasons, it is difficult for him to help us find the specific fishing fishermen, then this clue is broken." Later learned that Holland has the fishermen catching crabs, but also because the Holland downstream, fishing for longer, the program group through the clues to find a large circle of friends, a man named Peng Fei for help. Pengfei not only help them do research, as their guide and translation still shooting, it successfully completed the shooting task.

"Between the mountain after the broadcast, Taiwan brother dart also makes a lot of the audience that its impressive. In fact, Zhang Ping revealed that this episode, shooting uncertainty is the biggest marlin story, "extreme weather even after all rain or snow, like potatoes, mushrooms can still dig this sooner or later. The sailfish would not necessarily, you get a shot does not pat, can't predict." But when shooting because of climate reasons, the local one year swordfish catches are not particularly good. To this end, Zhang Ping was also made two sets of plans, "if not shoot into the winter migratory white swordfish, will next spring, shooting red swordfish. Because the harpooners fishing method are the same." The process is also a bit rough, "the first day of the shoot, even the shadow of swordfish are not seen. For nine days, can do all the way done, did not wait until the swordfish......"

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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