The "sound" power ring powder into the heart can not calm down to earth bel audience

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In November 2018 09, 07:50 source: Guangzhou daily
Original title: Bel audience can not calm down to earth

The launch in the low-key music variety "sound into the heart", Hunan TV is following the "Magic Music City" again after a variety of innovation in the music category.

With elegant music, bel canto as "sound into the heart" "fire" A new force suddenly rises., some people did not expect, the first phase of the program ratings top, and reputation won the audience a score of 8.9.

In the program, 36 young male bel dedicated audience was hailed as the "fairy fight" of the show, the audience changed a lot of Bel impression. In an interview with reporters yesterday Changsha program group revealed that the selection of these young singer standards and programs from the producer configuration to program production details, try to narrow the audience with vocal and musical distance, let the audience better appreciate the elegant but not high cold "art.

Show feedback

Audience: fresh music experience

"Fresh" is the first phase of the "sound" to bring the audience into the heart the greatest feeling. Yesterday, the reporter in the Changsha early to watch the two phase of the program fragment. The second phase of the program to "fresh" line, never had the experience of Lu Yupeng, the show adorable Li Wenbao and so on, because of a unique voice and stunning the audience, the two musical actor Zheng Yunlong and Yun GA field battle, is to let the audience feel the unique charm of vocal music.

According to the program group, the next program will show links, and audience expectations will also show "duet, will give viewers fresh music experience".

The first phase of the program after the broadcast of the "sound" people get good feedback, as of now in a number of social networking platforms, network score as high as 8.9, come from the world's top music college, Art Institute of high education, high quality, high color value "brother buddy become the focus of discussion, some netizens even" fairy fight "to describe the competition between them.

According to the program group, the "sound" into the heart of these members are from the Berkeley School of music, including the Julia Institute of music, Ukraine National Music Academy in Lviv, China Conservatory of Music, Central Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory Of Music, the world famous music institutions. And every student, facing with high Yan value, high level of education and literacy of the "three high" concert audience members, said: "there is no way to calm down."

In addition, both Cai Chengyu and C high for 9 minutes, or Liao Jialin Biao or dolphin sound, high crane coloratura soprano has been heated discussion users. Discussion most programs focus on Bel canto, "did not think so beautiful bel". A lot of the audience that "sound into the heart" to change their perception of "Bel Canto", "Bel Canto also can be so beautiful, all don't understand but also feel very cow series."

Now, this program has also been the concern of the industry. In an interview with reporters yesterday Lyric coloratura soprano Chen Xiaoduo said: "this program has been in our circle of fryer, we are very concerned about. Hunan TV pop music is very advanced, will be able to do are very classical music. How do contemporary fusion of classical music and contemporary exploration in Chinese, for us, the cultural market, it is very worthy of recognition and praise."


Producer Liao Changyong: let everyone know what is not "out of reach of bel"

As a producer, Liao Changyong, Shang Wenjie and Henry Lau expressed their intention to participate in the program in the initial program, hope to make more people aware of the bel canto is not far away.

Liao Changyong said: "I just want to let everyone know bel through the program, not so far away, so that more viewers to understand what is called bel." Liao Changyong even in exchange with Henry Lau, with Bel to pronunciation, to the audience of science. Shang Wenjie also said: "in the music, we are looking for new forms of hope through the program, a form of music update." From learning the violin Henry Lau also said: "the hope can be combined with classical music and pop music promotion."

In the program, Liao Changyong, in place of the professional comments received favorable comments from the audience. But there are also doubts that Shang Wenjie and Henry Lau were sitting in a producer's position seems to be convincing enough". In this regard, the general director of the program as Yang responded: "this program is not to say that we" the most professional ", we are just doing between elegant music and mass communication, we do not expect to become the best and the most excellent games, so I hope to invite the audience to view the producer. Just as Shang Wenjie has a keen sense of touch in scouting, and she has the strength of the production. For Henry Lau, all of his understanding on "life", in fact, at the age of 6 he began to learn the violin in the classical music and classical music, has accumulated very deep, has been studying classical music. The two producer and teacher Liao Changyong will be a combination of the tacit understanding, mutual acceptance is very high, this is the difficulty of complementary."

Director: to show "the young"

Yesterday, the "sound into the heart" Program Director Ren Yang accepted the reporter's interview. The idea of making about the program, Ren Yang said: "I hope" sound into the heart "can eliminate the public misunderstanding of elegant music." The production methods, program design efforts of young".

The audience tried to eliminate the misunderstanding of Bel

Yang Ren admitted that when the program creation, we will worry about ratings, "but I think this problem is also a chance -- because we have a misunderstanding of Bel, will need to have a program to eliminate misunderstanding".

However, the program is not just a matter of fact and bel canto, opera, musicals, classical music, classical music and many other concepts, which makes the audience curious, want to promote the program is what kind of music? Ren Yang said: "in fact, we do is a fusion of sound, emphasizing both singing bel canto, also a musical. The form of television program based on pure bel canto or a musical, the audience might not be so high. So the programs have both musical works, works of people bel thickness, and fusion of music form, the harmonious sound collocation together, the results are very reasonable".

The singer to sing well but also face high value

"Sound into the heart" to the audience "three high" impression, Internet rumors, program to eliminate a lot of long "sorry" of the players at the audition players. This sounds rather cruel. The program group acknowledged that the candidate has "two basic standards".

Ren Yang revealed that a few months of the audition time, the team traveled over a large city of the famous school of music, "these people dug out, and then go to the Big City Opera House, together with the Shanghai auditions. Selection criteria, "first of all must be to sing well, this is the most basic". Sing well, Yan did not low, "this is the love of the audience".

There are several members of the audience singing show familiar faces, such as in "The Voice of China" Li Qi, Zhou deep, participated in the "singer" Wang Xi. Yang Ren said, this and Li Qi cooperation is also accidentally hit it off, "Li Qi university is a professional vocal and other artists, when we met, he happened to be there, we hit it off." He believes that this program has several "famous singers, but is a good thing," I thank Li Qi, Zhou Shen and Wang Xi these singers, they put down the aura, came to the show, with his wings light to others."

In response to the program in the form of questioning

In the production, the program has done a lot of popular music, popular music to try, such as some singer Mo Wenyu's "love you", Zhou Jielun slowly "blue and white" with classical voice to sing out, the audience will feel this adaptation of find everything fresh and new. In addition, the 36 members of the overall external packaging, the director spent a lot of effort".

The program through some of the words on the way to the audience to spend the latter part of Bel Canto popular science knowledge, strengthen the awareness of the audience, "in addition to Liao Changyong teacher in some professional reviews will be online show as footage released, Liao Jialin also did the teacher education, for example by explaining very little to the audience what is high C".

The audience that the program set the "chief" and "substitute" seat selection, like some network variety. In this regard, Ren Yang said: "the mechanism we use is the musical and opera industry has some mechanism, A angle and B angle, translation is the chief and the bench. In fact, as a musical and opera actor in daily life, occupation, competition is very cruel. Of course, there are still many young people love the way program packaging means."

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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