The number of Public Journalism Awards won Chinese Knight Island successfully which cheats"

Li Xiao

11 2018 09 07:41 on the source of years: Guangming Daily
Original title: "what are the" Knight Island success cheats"

In the martial arts world, there is a knight Island, we walk the horizon; in the world of words, there is a "Knight island", penned the puzzle board. People's Daily Overseas Edition of the "Knight Island public, founded in 2014, 2018 won the award for the first time to set up the China news media fusion awards first prize. 4 years, the "island" from an internal business projects for the development of new media in the field of brand, it is in the topic selection, text creation, the number of public operators which are "cheats"? Let us work together on the island, where.

Reporter: please briefly introduce the knight Island public establishment process, column positioning, team size.

Knight Island: in recent years, the spread pattern of drastic changes in the mobile Internet era. The traditional media positions still, but the loss of many users. Then, 4 years ago, we spontaneously to agency submitted a "on the people's daily (Overseas Edition) Research Report" the transition to the mobile Internet, put forward the "founder of a WeChat public number in private advice. The report issued after the "Knight island", the public was officially founded in February 18, 2014.

The public number to determine the man but with benevolence, dismantling political puzzle "purpose, analysis of political news in popular language, in fact evidence content view. After 4 years of development, the knight island has been used as the people's Daily Overseas Edition's new media brand, has become more than 1000 million total users, covering major politics, international news, financial and other aspects of the platform.

The team from the initial 5 part-time, extended to 7 full-time. Although the existence of addendum and enterprise staff identity on the points, but the provisions of equal pay for equal work, assessment standards and rewards equally. According to the third party statistics, 2017, the knight island is to publish original articles 389, 303 of which are read as "100 thousand +", spread over the WeChat public number 99.69%.

Reporter: in the information, read the fragments of the barge hybrid moment, party newspaper and new media products to unique, to achieve "steady" in order to "fast" and "fast" in a "new" effect. Please talk about the topic from the perspective of "Knight island" experience.

Knight Island: "steady" emphasizes to stand firm and correct orientation, consciously ideological and political action in highly consistent with the central committee. We always adhere to the "integrity innovation" concept, firmly establish the "Four Consciousness", adhere to the "four confidence" in the study and thoroughly understand the Central Committee of the party's policy on the basis of thickening itself to the history of China knowledge accumulation, so as to timely and accurate interpretation of important news, spread the spirit of the CPC Central Committee. Play the central media in the field of public opinion "Dinghaishenzhen" role.

"Fast" and "stability" is not a contradiction. "Fast" is to "stable" as the foundation, make timely to judge the value of news. As a practice, is "stable" horse stance, ready to wait; "fast" is contrary to that in wartime blows; "new" naturally ripe. Every morning 10 points of planning topics, like a brainstorming, we inspire in the discussion. For example, in the planning of the "Lu'an teachers set to visit the event behind the Grassroots Governance Dilemma" one article, the public almost overwhelmingly to the Lu'an municipal government press, standing in the position of sympathy for the vulnerable groups to solve the problem. However, after much debate, we think this phenomenon is the Grass-roots Governance Dilemma of financial and administrative power under the state of imbalance. So, than blindly accuse the government of argument, more innovative in depth.

For a long time, the knight island formed a set of principles on the topic of major political news, accurately grasp the central spirit, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion; to public emergencies, to dispel misunderstanding, right from wrong; proper sound of fermentation in hot events, and guide readers to correct understanding; on the outside of speculation speculation, bright that attitude, tit for tat.

Reporter: new media products have a unique language style, "Knight island" to understand and humorous characteristics known, does this earth, steaming reading styles?

Knight Island: we know that in the era of shallow reading, can let the user do "because on the screen look at you, you can't forget your face" is very difficult. To do so, the title to attract people, content words retain people, infected people.

Good title as the advertisement, can stimulate the readers' reading desire. For example, in the interpretation of the Liaoning people's Congress bribery case in Liaoning, "restless" title, concise and comprehensive; "ecological" Guizhou, to "see" is the semantic pun.

The contents of space, control the number of words in about 2000 words, with short sentences, short paragraphs, interpretation by way of students. Sometimes need to view hidden in facts and data readers after reading, pondering, is this truth, the public can have "repeat".

The style of writing or humor, or serious reason, but the basic principle is to see people see things to see, that is easy to understand xiaochang. We made it clear to the expert asked him, "don't comment on the cavity", not long sentences and expressions do not "first, second," but as "met on the train 'sea McCain' uncle, interesting".

Reporter: the knight Island currently has more than 10 million of the total number of users, how the user management, maintenance and revitalize this advantage and value?

Knight Island: adhere to the user thinking, is fundamental to establish between the user and the close emotional foundation and full sense of identity. The personification of the mode of communication is very important, thus creating a "sister Island Island uncle" image. An important means of communication between the active emotional background is to read the. "Flash" salon "card reading" line of active user groups, enhance mutual exchanges, strengthen the sense of community.

"Friend island" is not only the user or network resources. According to a survey, "Knight island" user groups concentrated in between 25 and 40, 60% in a second tier city and the capital city of 80%, with bachelor degree or above, including the occupation of white-collar workers, civil servants, scholars etc.. The so-called industry specializing in surgery, we will have professional problems with "island" friends, benefit is very deep.

According to the reading demands of different readers, tailored news products, to gather together a common community identity "Friends of the island". In the future, community management will become an important content of "Knight island" is committed to the development of the.

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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