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Original title: Shouzheng new era innovation Acura - writing at the nineteen day arrival Chinese reporter

Xinhua news agency, Beijing 11 March 8 Xinhua (Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Wei, Shi Jingnan, Shi Yucen) there is a group of people, they go to the first line of rain, news events, break through the truth, faithful record of social change;

There is a group of people, their persistence, transfer the voice of the party with a microphone, using the camera to capture the human life, pen and paper depicting historical situation;

There is a group of people, they are standing in the forefront, sonorous forward in the development of innovation, a China louder to the rest of the world.

In the nineteenth Chinese Reporter Day is approaching, the twenty-eighth Chinese News Award, the fifteenth Yangtze Taofen awards at report will be held in beijing. The struggle engraved glory, foretells the future mission. In the broad stage created by the times, journalists are struggling to write a new chapter in the new era.

Shouzheng innovation party assured the people satisfied with the good news

Hold high the banner of "guiding, around the center and serve the people's solidarity, morale, rampant human, ningxinjuli, clarify the fallacy, right from wrong, connection and communication of Chinese and foreign world." General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the new era, the Party of the news public opinion work responsibilities and mission.

Every age has a story, the wonderful story of the new era of wonderful expression. Nineteen after the closing of the party, people's Daily commentary department proposed to "review" the interpretation of the new era, in-depth interpretation of the spirit of nineteen.

How to make such a large Ren Zhongping reflects the political vision, pattern, big bear? People's Daily commentary Department editor editor said the secret room white: "position in the history of the era; observe the China coordinates, in the world view, in the realistic range; in response to the problem."

To fully understand the reality of the problem, keen insight, profound thoughts about the times, gathered in his writings, stirring in the text, in order to reflect the character and strength of the news.

How journalists better record and participation in the creation of history, is an eternal question. The Changjiang & Taofen prize winners, director of the Yangtze River series of Xinhua News Agency Zhao Cheng said that in the new era, answer this question, is the general secretary Xi Jinping will keep innovation implement the requirements of "temper their leg muscles, eye, brain, strokes, to be a good reporter party assured satisfaction of the people the.

Last year, the political documentary "the reform carried out in the end" once launched, the formation of the phenomenon spread. Ten sets of programs loaded and concentrated, is the national narrative of a grand, magnificent country forward temper "".

The Central Radio and television station CCTV news director of the center for economic news department Xiao Zhensheng believes that the key to the success of the work is to adhere to the problem oriented". The news reporters use occupation eyes to witness and record the great new era, always with the party, the state and the people dependent on. "The youth will be old, but the record spread of national revival Albert stirring passion, let us forever young!"

People love to play to demonstrate the Chinese spirit of the times

Chongqing Fengjie. The frame in the 70 meters high, rushing rivers surging forward. Looking at the two pulleys, ropes and a board consisting of a protector, female reporter Hualong net "common story" column scared to cry out over his eyes, but still bite the slide to the other side.

Hualong network editor Zhou Qiuhan told the judge "" emotional liusuo interview story. Leg muddy reporter can dig out the fresh material down to earth." He said, reporters leaned down, sinking heart, grassroots, flash point mining "grassroots" man, with a touching love story, promote people and play Chinese, highlighting the spirit of the times.

As a new era of the record, we must consciously assume to hold the banner, gather the people, education, culture, exhibition Hing new image of the mission, to promote all the people in the ideological beliefs, values, moral values together.

Beijing radio and television reporter Shi Yu has deep experience. In the face of "reopening 40th anniversary" of the topic, she and colleagues do not create new styles, a host, a "old three" and a "new college entrance examination three" direct dialogue. The audience in their communication as if through 40 years, feel the great progress of college entrance examination reform behind the society.

The successful practice of history, let Yu higher requirements for your future work is put forward: "more keen to capture the news behind the temperature depth story through individual experience reflects social change, show the life and fate of tension thickness."

To promote the development of media convergence stereo tells the story of China

Exploration and practice of integration and development of the media in China in recent years, has been affirmed in the Chinese prize awards in the news. The financial media short video "breakout", Liuzhou Rongshui financial media broadcast the "day boat one mission, VR panoramic live" financial media interaction "praise nineteen, China strong", the financial media column "Knight island", "pilot" and other innovative financial media, is brilliant.

On the morning of August 12, 2017, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County Township sudden flood hole. Liuzhou Guangxi Daily reporter Chen Yizhao station to get information after drove 8 hours to the depths of the disaster scene area. The electric power, communication, traffic interruption, he lost contact with the outside world for dozens of hours, back to the true picture in 40 through the disaster area after the collapse. "Liuzhou Rongshui breakout" was released it caused a strong reaction, to build a bridge of communication with the outside world disaster.

"Live play with feelings, always inspire full of positive energy." Chen Yi said.

From the 200 anniversary of the party's nineteen Congress, to commemorate the birthday of Marx, to the FOCAC Beijing summit, the first China International Import Expo, in the previous reports of major events, major events, we are pleased to see that the traditional media and new media have crossed the platform "and" stage, "harmony" is deep and "integrated development", newspaper, TV and the Internet, micro, end complete three-dimensional diversity and gradually form a pattern, media force, guiding force, influence and credibility is geometrically.

Open 24 hours of uninterrupted emergency broadcast, live spring festival planning a series of reports...... The Changjiang & Taofen prize winners, Taofen series of Central Radio and television Central People's Broadcasting Station China sound Planning Department Deputy Director Ren Jie shared "the wave of sound recording divergent warm unforgettable memories era".

"The pen in my hand, the microphone carrying the great honor, trust and should play!" Ren Jie said, we must strive to practice the new era of the glorious mission of journalists, better to the world about Chinese China dream story.

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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