WeChat group has become the "inhibition" expect "workplace Youth Information burden"

In November 2018 09, 07:07 source: China Youth News
Original title: WeChat group became "inhibition"

Wei Lina took a new rental photos, want to see my mother, but she continued to drop WeChat, has not found the mother's head. In her chat interface, is always displayed in front of the WeChat group through the top function, two new projects and recently joined the liaison group, Wei Lina top of the group increased to 27, occupy the top 4 screen chat interface. WeChat group and these excluding the top, she kept in the column statistics, WeChat group is up to 481.

The work of the group, project group, the leadership of the group, without the leadership of the group, group, group of friends, family, classmates group voting group, group, study group, ticket purchasing group...... College graduates work only 1 years, countless groups will she quickly pulled into numerous social circle. However, the complex social relationships did not bring Lina Wei more effective social relationships, the group friends are numbered. WeChat group brings to grow with each passing day, anxiety and burden of her more and more.

The relationship between social groups were kidnapped.

"You never know who will become WeChat friends micro business or purchasing!" No one asked Wei Lina's advice, but she was pulled into the numerous purchasing group, "1, 2, South Korea cosmetics purchasing 3, 4 group" and "go to Taiwan next week to go shopping" 7 wave "of Thailand tourists back to super cost-effective meat"...... Pulled her into the group of people, there are good relations between colleagues and friends, have for a long time have not contacted the University students.

Circle of friends can choose the shield, WeChat group even set free to remind, will still have a garish red dot, lying in the WeChat news column. There is a group of group purchasing, always @ all, several times a day, Wei Lina stand it, thought back, but that the friend saw back tips and affect the relationship. "I hope WeChat can design a" reject to invite you into the group's function."

In addition to purchasing group, there are countless praise group, voting group, promotion group, WeChat group has become a business, each with a different purpose built group, add group, or based on social, learning, blind, or trying to pry, access to resources, the establishment of the market.

Li Dongyang National Day because of "group" and distress. A primary school students get married, first of all blessings in the group together brush brush, copy and paste is the first person to knock out the words and expressions, then people will send their private groom red screenshot sent to the group, and added "although people did not, but money to!" "Formation" became red envelopes. Li Dongyang hesitated for a long time, have to open the group member list, find the groom's picture, click "apply to add each other as friends". "Had no personal relationship, but we all do, a person you do not, all will be surprising.

The line of social limited in time and space, the WeChat group only need a simple @. Old classmates in the group one by one manifestation of friendship; parents queuing flattery in the group teacher; workers in the group of colleagues to copy and paste brush birthday wishes; men in the group to speak like leadership pattern...... Many years after graduation, WeChat group to help Li Dongyang to set up the concept of the class, he will also be dragged into the increasingly complex "human relations".

"Invisible overtime" brings new burden and anxiety

Yang Shu is a new media editor. 3 in the morning, bustling Beijing entered a short sleep, but his mobile phone was ringing up. The Department working group, used to stay up late the leadership has just issued a hot spot in, @ he push early tomorrow ".

Yang Shu immediately in the group received the reply, and then reluctantly climb up, difficult to open the computer. He was set free to remind "can't reply, a few minutes later, the leadership in the group again, @ he. In the past QQ, not online account will head into gray, the other will be "the man who can not receive timely message cues, but WeChat is the color of the head is round, so for the leadership, he seems to be always online.

"No way, after all, have to work." Yang Shu remembers pushing a news report, a Ningbo company boss, night work in WeChat group issued a notice, requiring employees to report monthly turnover in 10 minutes. As a manager, fell asleep, did not respond promptly. 10 minutes later, the boss in the WeChat group notice: you have been dismissed.

The working group to facilitate communication, also produced more and more invisible overtime, troubled many like Yang Shu people in the workplace. Many instructions look simple, only need to make a phone call, check data, or look at the chat records, but these seem readily to do, make 24 hours and 365 days.

Li Xiang in 4 years, WeChat group increased to 246, mostly because of the working relationship to establish and join the. For a good sleep, he formed the habit of the night off the net. But more people, I only like Yang Shu, schedule and colleagues in private many times make complaints about leadership, finally had time to adjust their own, to cooperate with the leadership. WeChat group became the "inhibition", mobile phone chat box, full of worries and anxieties of some young people in the workplace brimming with the.

Spam kill patience

Ho Ming to all the group set up a message to remind those free, but all kinds of group or in the message interface occupies a lot of position. Some group activity is high, a large number of pictures and video information occupy a huge memory space of mobile phone, will be the important position of news press down.

There are some who participate in the activities of the group, after the event, gradually turned into a zombie swarm". But there will always be some people to share diligently all kinds of links, please help to vote, as a public number you want to pull the amount of reading, but most of the time, and no one will respond. There are some groups, emerge from time to time all kinds of false news, network rumors and pornographic information. He Ming never opened the link, the flood of advertising and spam, killing his curiosity and patience.

Working in a well-known public relations firm Chen Weigang experienced a department of contradiction upgrade, a colleague in the project group because of the distribution of interests quarreled, in order to let the leadership justice, finally from the project group to group and from the Department of noisy, noisy crowd to the Department of group company. The working group has become the smoke of the battlefield "".

"In the past, love to talk in the group, now looking to feel upset." Chen Wei privately is a very sociable young man, friends and colleagues about rice are not his shadow, he finally in WeChat group has become a small transparent, friends laugh at him "online", because in addition to work, he seldom spoke in the group. Recently, he bought a new mobile phone, for a WeChat small, there is only the closest family and friends. He said he was studying was a severe juvenile addiction, but now just want to have a good "information burden". (Li Chong China youth - Youth Online reporter trainee)

(commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Zhao Guangxia)

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