Xi Jinping sent a letter to congratulate the people's Daily published 70 anniversary The text of the congratulatory letter

Listen to the leaders of the party newspaper story from the China News Award, Changjiang & Taofen prize to see the people's daily for 70 years, today's people's daily, for me the "extra" today you are such a people's daily, people's daily newspaper media matrix two people's daily new media matrix focusing nineteen
The people's daily, former deputy director of the International Department of Wen Xian: I am in the people's daily for forty years

I was in March 1974 to enter the people's daily newspaper, was still 117 Wangfujing, I was less than 20 years old. In forty years, the people's daily also happened to turn the world upside down changes, when I come to the newspaper, people's daily or print, every morning newspaper editor after the pattern to the country by the flight of the printing to printing, so many places to see the day of the people's daily. Now the situation is not the same, it is the electronic Phototypesetting, satellite version, people's Daily has become a subsidiary of many sub Journal of modern media and new media agencies.
In 70 years, the people's daily hardships, went through a period of extraordinary history. People's Daily has been the changes and development of our whole country Chinese close contact. For many years overseas experience also makes me feel that the continuous development of Chinese growth, also make us Chinese has never been so confident in the family of nations. [details]

People's daily senior reporter Yan Shigui: to live up to the title of reporter

When I go to the newspaper, people's Daily published less than 20 years, a 70 anniversary this year. I am in the people's daily this life is actually very simple, that is when the reporter, no other. I was the people's daily training up. I can say that my blood melted in the courtyard. I grew up in the people's daily courtyard, old is in this yard.
70 years, for me, I think the first is a business reporter. I am in the people's daily for a lifetime, my feelings for the people's daily is not the same. I'm all for the people's daily. In addition, I feel very proud when the people's daily, you should cherish this identity, what is the reason? As the people's daily, you can do a lot of things for the masses, for the party to do a lot of things. [details]

People's daily editor in chief: Pan Pan Xiao busy and happy evening news

I was in August 2005 to people's daily work, this year is just 13 years, these 13 years, I have been in the night, a month to two weeks of night, on average, more than 200 night a year. Although every day and the rest upside down, but very happy, because it is for the party organ.
Now the media integration era has come, we as the party newspaper journalist how to judge, how to act, we must seriously think about the topic. To solve these problems, we have done some thinking, summed up the thinking of two aspects, one is from the "event" to "see the potential". There is one point from "things" to "". Lu Xinning, deputy editor of commentary Department comrades once said, "to review concerns from the matter to public opinion, not only pay attention to those who have fever and representative events, should also pay attention to different groups of understanding and view of events and emotions. [details]

People's daily editor Xu Dan micro-blog: new media add glory and dream

I used to work in the newspaper editor room, the production cycle is 24 hours, but micro-blog is on the second. We are now working to download a lot of clients, but also open the push, we know that the competition between new media and even just a few minutes, a few seconds gap. Don't look at the time is a few seconds, but the communication effect will be much worse, even on the order of magnitude difference.
There is one error prevention and control pressure, compared with the traditional media newspapers, in the newspaper, reading, editing and proofreading, the whole process is very perfect. But in micro-blog, press, review process is relatively flat, very fast, so the probability of mistakes will inevitably. Often a micro-blog sent out, there is a punctuation error, users on the second. This pressure is very large. In addition to the pressure to innovate, as we all know, micro-blog every day, but for users of new ways to express the theme, there is also a new aesthetic fatigue. [details]

People's daily editor fellows Li Ge: Chinese used the camera to record

I feel myself and the people's daily is a fate. From 1990 to enter people's daily practice, did not leave. In fact, so many years of review, I think people's daily is really my training, I also exercise.
In fact, we all feel very honored, can follow the newspaper went to the 70 year. Face 40 years of reform and opening up such a historical node, can see the development of the news media, we can see the changes of the media, are very happy. With the young friends, especially the new editors and reporters, I feel that there is a view to encourage each other to get the news media as their own careers, take it as a starting point in their life plan, take care of your every day, every step of the way, this is very important. [details]

The people's daily, the former director of the Ministry of Yuan Ying: the beginning of the heart and stick to

I am 1953 to me, at that time the Liberation Daily in Shanghai. Because to work in Beijing, but also to the work of party, I was very excited. Yesterday I heard you say to come, I think, have 66 years, I come to the year of not more than 33 years old, now have 95 years old, most of the time here.
I think this is five words for the people "sounds like very ordinary words, but really do it, truly serve the people, to the old people think, people put all the passions in mind, as a newspaper, always thought that is not so simple, not light is a slogan. The newspaper for 70 years, I hope at least from the leadership, we still have to remember this sentence, the people's daily should always serve the people, always think of doing enough, it should do what. [details]

People's daily senior reporter Liu Zhenxiang: witness to forge ahead with the brilliant image

I was in 1948 to the people's daily work, the people's daily in Pingshan village. The people's daily is very difficult, because the condition is limited, not only photographers, journalists. In December 15, 1949 the people's daily to Beijing, then called peking. In Beijing, people's daily received the "China Daily", the address in the Wangfujing.
In celebration of the 70th anniversary, as a newspaper of young and old friends, I want to say two words, one is the two don't forget, don't forget a war for China journalism to run people's daily at the expense of many comrades, so in time to celebrate a don't forget them, forget they forget the history of the people's daily, remember them, is best for them to. Second don't forget, is the people's daily walk out from the mountains, there are excellent revolutionary tradition, at that time the leadership and the masses relationship is very good, we all call each other comrade, together to eat, care for each other, love each other, very good, the atmosphere, of course, keep until now. [details]

People's Daily: Chen Tean, Huan Xiang behind major international news stories

Chen: do Tean major diplomatic activities of news reports, attention is required to report all major diplomatic activities, whether it is news, pictures, news, features, reviews, or editorials, before and after the party to numerous checks, to highlight the spirit, the major diplomatic activities in the correct orientation, discretion in fact, the news, the accuracy of the data.
Huan Xiang: in recent years, our international and foreign correspondents are actively involved in the tide of media convergence. The people's daily and two micro micro-blog ends, WeChat, English client, as well as the central kitchen, and other media 138479.xyz have maintained good relations of cooperation and linkage. In the video production and broadcast has played a big role and made a big effort. [details]

People's daily in Ningxia, Jiang Yun: occupy public heights for reform and advocating

Yu Ning: in the comment section for 17 years. At that time the beginning of the 80s, the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee also opened soon, that is to emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, be in full swing, so that when the infection, by encouraging or very large. Especially in the comment section is the old leadership with us, so learned a lot of things, but also received a lot of exercise, enrich their experience, to the old comrades also learned a lot, benefit. For future work and life of more than ten years are very large.
Jiang Yun: as to say, I was born when he entered the people's daily, in fact, in our father's generation, have a lot of respect for the people's daily, people's daily, can be said to have a complex, so when I heard that I went to the people's daily, we are happy and proud for me. To tell the truth because I was reading the news Chinese non professional, can also benefit other people's daily began to recruit students in the professional editor, so that when I get into office. [details]

People's daily editor in chief Jiang Shaogao: former deputy agency time and record

When I came in, really feel a communications officer from the county to the people's daily engaged in editorial work, this is I never dreamed about. Because I come from the countryside, so I start from the rural group editor, then compiled the manuscript, written comments, I said to myself, I come here, a very important point, is to have such a belief, is to learn.
Secondly, what do you have to work hard. Because from the grassroots, the editor is to learn. I was the leader told me that you consult with him with clock, so I learn a lot of things, will consult him. This advice is very specific, not the general talk to you about something, but took the manuscript and asked, what do you think, what does he think, ask them to tell you. [details]

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Xu Dan

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How to become the people's daily, official newspaper of the CPC Central Committee

The Central Committee of the Communist Party official newspaper "people's Daily", August 1, 1949 by North China Bureau official newspaper "people's Daily" upgraded to. The North China Bureau official newspaper "people's Daily" is by the Shanxi Central Bureau official newspaper "people's Daily" and the Shanxi Chahar Hebei Central Bureau official newspaper "Shanxi Chahar Hebei Daily" merger, and was founded in June 15, 1948. The North China Bureau official newspaper "people's Daily", is one of the achievements of the Shanxi Chahar Hebei and Shanxi two Jiefang District merger.

  • My impression of the "people's Daily", but don't lose the high-end people, the atmosphere and is smart, stable and there is no lack of creativity. Here is the best quality and rich teaching resources, it is worth using a superb collection of beautiful things.
    - Zhu Huaxian
  • In the "people's Daily" of the company, over the years, I read a good article, leading to their own writing; good practice, to record. If every reader with wisdom text reflection, if each writer with sincere action to implement the voice, the world will be more wonderful, the future will be more beautiful.
    - Zhu Yongxin
  • I know that read "people's Daily" every day gave me great help, thanks to the ideal performance of the "people's Daily" days and months multiplying learning. I have always felt that the "people's Daily" represents the most real, the most authoritative and most powerful voice.
    - Liang Mengmeng
  • Every time, the people's daily, especially the version, I can deeply feel the "people's Daily" height and depth, giving me spiritual edification. Today, I still have nine years old with the "people's Daily", this is a way for me to grow back, also pinned me to the "people's Daily" a wonderful future hope.
    - unpredictable
  • I always adhere to the "people's Daily" daily reading. It affects my study, work and life, has become an important element in my life, mentor, and will accompany lifetime. Time flies like a shuttle., Things change, has gone, but will not affect my disappeared, those who do not erased by time in my heart. This newspaper is seventy years old, as a faithful reader, I will read more carefully, and introduced to the side of the other young people, let more people become loyal readers of this newspaper.
    - Wei Kai
  • This is the "people's Daily" founded in 70th anniversary, it was born in the liberation war and the establishment of the new Chinese in the newspaper. It is China people to stand up, rich, strong era record, witness and promoter. For decades, I was on the "people's Daily" often touched and grateful, long-term subscription, reading every day, not only because of the "Earth". Put the buds and moisten the literary love to express my heart, more importantly, I from the bright and spacious window, can see dramatic changes in world situation. The development of miniature motherland change rapidly, sonorous footsteps heard the progress of the times, see the reality of contemporary Chinese beautiful and bright prospects to achieve China dream.
    - Tan Zhongchi
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